Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Veils, Headpieces and Combs, Oh My!

When trying on wedding dresses and debating which dress to choose, my bridal consultant asked if I wanted to see the dresses with a veil in order to help clarify my decision. At the time I didn't have any interest in a veil. I didn't see the point in spending more money on something that would only be worn for the wedding ceremony. Also, I didn't think veils really added anything to the bridal look. It's not like most people come away from a wedding ceremony saying, "Did you see the bride's veil?!"

However, I decided that since I was at the shop and I'd only be a bride once, that I would give one a whirl. My consultant brought out a long cathedral-length veil that encompassed my dress. To my surprise, when she placed the veil on my head, I felt like I went from a girl in a wedding dress, to a bride. The cathedral-length gave me a feeling of royalty, like I was Kate Middleton! Unprepared to buy the veil or make a decision that day, I left the store veiless.

When I went to my first fitting, I had the opportunity to try my dress with a variety of veils. Although I had previously been a fan of the cathedral length, my sister said it covered up and took away from my jewel-encrusted dress. I paid enough for the dress, that I wanted it to be the main attraction! Cathedral length was out.

Of all the veils that I have seen, the ones that have caught my attention are the veils with edges lined in lace. If I had a simpler dress I would have loved to have tried on that style of veil, but once again, I thought it would be too much for my already blinged-out dress.

The next veil I tried on was fingertip length. It was plain in design so it wouldn't take away from my dress, but it almost blended into my dress to the point where it wasn't really noticeable. The final veil I tried on was wrist length. It was shorter than the other veils, but it had a defined edge which helped it stand out from my dress, but not to the point where you were looking at the veil instead of the dress. I never thought I'd want a veil, but it really completed my look.

There are many other options for brides who don't want to wear a traditional veil. Birdcage veils are great for brides with vintage tastes. If you're more of the princess bride, there are jeweled tiaras or headbands that can work with any hairstyle. If you're like me and like a lot of bling, there are sparkly combs that can be worn with or without a veil. I will be wearing a clip that is covered in jewels and pearls under my veil, that way when I lose the veil for the reception, I'll still be making a statement.

For more headpiece ideas and inspiration, check out my bridal accessories and veil board on Pinterest.

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