Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Clicking with Your Photographer

A picture says a thousand words, and if you don't want your wedding photos to say, "I was shot with a disposable camera," it's best to do some research before hiring a photographer. You're going to be looking at your wedding photos the rest of your life, they'll probably be displayed prominently in your home, so you'll want to hire a photographer that you're confident will do a good job.

You'll also want to delegate a significant amount of your wedding budget for your photographer. It's important to look at the pictures instead of the price. If you like the photographer's work, you can save money by not purchasing an album. Most photographers will give you a disc with all of the pictures on it. You can have your favorite images printed or purchase an album at a later date. It's a far better alternative to getting an album with a lot of photos that you're not happy with.

These days it seems like everybody and their brother is a photographer. There is a big difference between a photographer who went to school and has formal training in their craft, as opposed to someone who could afford a nice camera and likes to take pictures of their family and friends. I'm not saying that the photographers without schooling can't get a good shot, but I'm assuming you'll want more than just a couple nice pictures. Your wedding day isn't the time to give an amateur the benefit of the doubt. So when you meet with photographers, its important to ask them what type of schooling or training that they have had.

It's also important to ask them to see a wedding album in it's entirety. Like I said, they'll be taking a million pictures throughout the day and you'll no doubt be looking fabulous, so it's not difficult to get one great shot. Most photographers will be more than happy to show you a wedding album in its entirety so you'll know what kind of pictures and quality that you can expect for your wedding day.

When you're meeting with potential photographers it's also important to ask if they work alone or if they have an assistant helping them shoot. Many wedding photographers will have an assistant to insure that they capture every angle and facet of your wedding day. Ask the photographer what credentials their assistant has. Also make sure that should the worst case scenario happen (sickness, death, etc.) and they're unable to make it to your wedding, that they have another capable photographer that can cover for them.

I've heard the horror stories of destroyed memory cards or photographers having their computers crash and losing all of the bride's and groom's photos. I can't even imagine how terrible it must feel to invest so much money into photographs, and then have nothing to show for it. Make sure whoever you hire has a reliable backup system in place.

Finally, your photographer will be an intricate part of your wedding day, so make sure that you actually like the person's personality! They'll be shooting your engagement pictures, capturing you getting ready for the wedding and will probably be around you for most of the day and night, so you want to hire someone that you feel comfortable with. You want to look back at your wedding pictures and think of the fond memories, not how you wish you had hired someone else to take your pictures.

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